Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ulnar Decompression

Ulnar Decompression, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

So, I went in for surgery yesterday, took some silly photos of me in a hospital gown on Jonathan's iPhone, but haven't got them from him yet. The op was okay; I was having a laugh with the staff when I went into theatre, was asked to lay my (already numb) arm onto a slab and heard my heart rate rise. I turned to the woman who was in charge of drugs and said, "I can hear my heart rate going up, I guess I must be a little nervous now."

She nodded, "You're in an operating theatre, I think it's understandable."

I smiled, "And I was so chuffed with my low resting heart rate a moment ago."

"Don't worry," she said, "I'll sort it out for you."

Then I remember hearing the radio playing "I Know I Need to be in Love" by The Carpenters, and then next thing I knew it was quite a bit later and I was waking up and asking where Jonathan was.

My arm was dead, still, but I was impatient in the ward, tried to get up and to prove I could walk, did a little tapdance, then felt so sick they had to give me morphine. Damn my short attention span.

Went home in my mum's car, finding out on the way that she'd never seen Bring It On, so remedied that as soon as we were back to the flat. Still couldn't feel or move my right arm, other than the occasional lance of pain from the wound, so dinner was a bit tricky, but Jonathan helped out.

Early night, lying carefully on one side, waking up a couple of times for painkillers and once for a little cry, then by this morning could move my hand and, more excitingly, feel my ring and little finger! This is making me very happy.

Now, I'm tired but bored of being housebound. Went out for lunch (I am ravenously hungry) and then had to sleep for three hours as fit punishment for such audacity. Jonathan's still sleeping, I think the whole affair's been quite draining for him, too.

I can take off the bandage tomorrow and should have the stitches out in a fortnight, then a follow-up at the hospital in three weeks and then hopefully all will be well and I can get back to the swimming pool, gym and job-hunting.

I'm really hoping I'll be able to draw in a few days, I've got so many cool things lined up!

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Deptford Dame said...

Glad it went smoothly: get well soon!