Sunday, June 14, 2009

End of part thirty-two.

So, this weekend was the last two days of the thirty-second year of my life. On Friday evening, I spent a very wonderful evening in Shoreditch, drinking Moroccan mint tea, eating curry and freaking myself out with ghost stories at two in the morning. Saturday, I spent my day interpreting at the zoo, standing in with the penguins while they were fed and stroking a skunk in a tipi. In the evening, I went to Duckie and watched Griff win a bump and grind contest with a woman who kicked him squarely in the side of the head and split his scalp with her stiletto heel.

As it was my birthday party, I decided to drive, so I wasn't going to be bladdered by the time I got home. Instead, I gave a lift to a worse for wear friend who kept asking if we could tell he was fucked on drugs. Oh, but we could. Today, I went for a picnic in the park as a seven foot tall bunny, snapped my friend's neck and broke Jonathan's knee.

Now, I'm thirty three.  What's next?

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Anonymous said...

Hey you had a video posted on you tube a while back (son of a preacher)I was wondering if maybe you can send it to me??? Please....I'm a sign language intpreter and loved to watch it!!
here's my email