Thursday, June 11, 2009

Howard and Badger's College Fund Needs Your Help

Well, it's my birthday on Monday and I got a couple of bits and pieces through the post this morning. They weren't presents, but they were both very welcome. The first was a letter saying I'm finally at the top of the waiting list for the Adult ADHD assessment service at the Maudsley Hospital and the second was the Unconditional Offer from Camberwell College of Art. Awesome stuff, both of them, but it means I've now got to find the money to pay for the course. Since some of you kind people have been asking for ideas for birthday presents for me, how about this, which was Cazz/Fred's idea: you chip in to help me buy a year in college? That way, when anyone asks what you bought me for my birthday, you can say, "I bought Howard his future success and happiness."

Well, if that floats your boat, then here's the paypal button that would help save my soul:

Howard and Badger's College Fund!

Thank you!

That aside, I'm hoping to be able to launch the web comic of Badger next week.  The artwork's ready, I'm just hassling my techie friend to set it all up for me because I know as much about computers as Badger does.

Here's a thought, though - some of the story will take place in Badger's adulthood and that, of course, means he'll be wandering around in London and doing things in Brockley.  What I might just do is let people sponsor the story and in return, you'd get a cameo appearance in the comic, like Erin, Nicola and David did in the book or you could sponsor a location to appear in it.  I'm not talking anything like product placement, more that if you really want to see Badger wandering on his own outside Tate Modern, for instance, then you could donate a little bit of money and know you were giving the lonely little badger somewhere to go.  Obviously, he's very unlikely to have fun, make friends or form any meaningful relationship with anyone or anything, but still, we can try.

Anyway, I'm rambling on a little bit, I'm hoping you're still reading and will be ready for Badger's story to start both right at the beginning and also pick up from where his book left off.  I'll keep you posted, of course, when he's moved to his new home.


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