Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh, I'm tired.  The sultry heat rising from the tarmac, beating down from the sun, heating the air to a hazy blur.  It's hard to sleep in the best conditions when you're in a bed with someone whose leg is in a cast.  Every time he rolls over, it's like being hit by a brick.  Add to that the rather gross joy that the NHS Direct people think I might have a kidney stone.  Seems like my life's just one long string of interactions with medical stuff at the moment.  The follow-up appointment I was meant to have 3 weeks after my op has been cancelled and moved to August, eight weeks after the op.  I am going to be calling their PALS to complain; I had no advice on post-surgery recovery stuff whatsoever, no physio, not even being told how long before I should try stuff or expect to notice improvements, just my arm hacked open with no-one explaining what they were doing and then sent home with plasters that would have been fine if I had a tiny paper cut, but not a four inch wound.

I'm annoyed about that, but I'm not sure I've got the energy to complain.  I might just register locally in my new area and beg that they put me in to see someone as an emergency.

Then there's the ADHD appointment in a couple of weeks.  They make you wait six months and give you about 90 pages of forms to fill out.  I'd have thought most cases could be diagnosed by people not turning up for the assessment.  Still, I need that assessment so I can then fill out yet more forms for DLA and DSA and watch as my pride's turned into a long chain of acronyms and diagnoses.  I can totally see how stuff like this can break your spirit.

Luckily, I'm a bit more resilient than that and have a little bit of fight left in me, but I could really do with a couple of months of good health again.


Anonymous said...

Do they really give out DLA these days for not being able to concentrate?

That's a real shock.

The Pirate King said...

No, it's not that that I'm getting DLA for, but I've been told to put everything I can in there so they have a full picture of what my situation is.

Anonymous said...

At least you're managing to keep active through all of this.

Or is that an oxymoron?

Anonymous said...

Although it's only 4C hotter here I at least have the pool, the beach and a room with AC at my disposal.

Thank heavens (or Roy from Guest Relations)



MadeInScotland said...

Have there been severe edits?


The Pirate King said...

Severe edits? To what?