Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Magic of the iPhone

So, I made a deal with the devil and moved away from Orange after quite a bitter few months of problems with them and instead sold my soul to get myself an iPhone. Jonathan's had once since they first appeared and has been trying to get me to join the cult ever since. The first one had some problems I couldn't get past: the keyboard made too many mistakes, the camera was iffy and the tariffs weren't exactly favourable for new customers.

Now, I know Orange will have the iPhone in a month or two so I could have waited to see what they'd have to offer, but I'd be very surprised if they beat the deal I've got on a PAYG O2 deal at the moment where, so long as I put £10 a month onto the phone, I get unlimited data and unlimited texts. Also, for registering my account online I got an extra £20 credit. So, after sending about 500 texts in the first week and spending all my life online, I somehow have £29 credit after just putting a tenner on it when I bought it.

So, I've joined the ranks of the legion of iPhone zombies staunchly ignoring the world around themselves in favour of chatting to boys on Grindr, playing Scramble and, most importantly, working out while using the iPhone as a personal trainer. I've just started on the strength building programme on iFitness and I'm enjoying it - it's a 5x5 workout, so rather than doing three sets of about ten reps, you do shorter sets but more of them, so you can push yourself to do heavier weights. Oh my, but it's hard work.

Anyway, this is totally a stupid vain post with a photo of me with no top on in it. I spent the weekend making pompoms for peace. So there.

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