Friday, September 04, 2009


Skeletal, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

I started on a portrait commission this morning and got distracted when I couldn't get his nose right and he just looked too young. I think perhaps I've got a bit on my mind at the moment, all about chapters ending and beginning and anxieties about things I can't change.

This week's been pretty monumental in terms of changes for me and as September came, so has every change I'd wanted. I've enrolled at college and I start properly next week. I'm starting doing little bits of interpreting work again, which in turn means I should have a little more money again. I've been discharged from the physiotherapist with instructions that I'm to keep doing the exercises I've been given for the rest of my life and to avoid particular types of movement wherever possible. That's a bit weird.

I'm back at the gym, just not doing certain types of movement (that means you, men in the showers), I should get my report from the ADHD clinic that has the potential to completely change my world, I've decided to press the complaint against Lewisham hospital further and I'm trying to sort out stuff with Student Finance England.

Um, am I not meant to be making more time to draw?

Perhaps I'm not the best person to manage my own time, am I?

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