Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Solipsistic Pop

Solipsistic Pop, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

The thing I'm currently working like crazy on is a piece for the wonderful Tom Humberstone's Solipsistic Pop anthology on the theme of Broken. I'm trying out muted colours for this one since I've got to re-draw it when all the scans came out too feint to use properly for something that's going to print. Add to that that I want to get the Badger book finished by the end of the month and we're looking at a mahoosive double deadline for me!

This is all awesome stuff, though. I might just never see any of my friends for a while though.

Do we like the colour?


Ash said...

Thats looking good. Nice one!

Ash said...

Oh! I just read the whole thing. Thats such a lovely, poignant, piece of work, *thank* you for doing it & showing us all.