Thursday, October 08, 2009

London Marathon 2010

So, as I mentioned in a slightly panicky message, I'm through to run the 2010 London Marathon (which is now sponsored by Virgin and not Flora. How things change!). I've told the THT that I'll fundraise for them, which is great because there's no minimum I need to raise now as I've already got my place on the race, so all the money goes to them rather than buying their space on the team, but also it gives me motivation to run and not give up.

I know running gets horribly boring and I really don't want to become one of those scary people whose lives revolve around a fixed circuit of their park, hill training, race pace, the wall and all that strange stuff, but I suspect I might have to in the (ahem) run-up to the race.

I'm not running to get some amazing time, I'll be thrilled if I actually survive running that far and pleased if I can raise some money while I'm at it, so I'm not going to aim for a 2h30 time or anything insane like that.

Anyway, if you are feeling wonderfully generous, please consider sponsoring me - clicky clicky!

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