Sunday, December 06, 2009

Hair Today...

...and not gone tomorrow! Just a quick rambling post about how growing my hair's going. It's not nearly as embarrassing and traumatic as I'd expected. I'd reconciled myself to a year of wearing a hat while I waited for it to grow out, but it looks okay now.

I've no idea what I'm hoping it's going to end up looking like, or how I'm meant to style it while it grows; I seem to just let it go into an amorphous blob and push it away from my eyes and be done with that.

Any of you got any awesome tips on how I should style it as it grows?

1 comment:

Ash said...

You lucky bastard, it does look good. Mine looked bloody awful for 2 years. Looks nice in a ponytail tho (I think so anyway, and its wonderfully low maintainance) and even looks ok down now that theres some weight on it and it doesn't do the brillo pad thing unless I provoke it by witholding conditioner.