Sunday, January 10, 2010

104 Days to Go.

Jesus. Why did I say I'd do the Marathon? Now it's the new year, the training schedule sort of explodes from a general feeling of being able to jog for an hour without dying to suddenly telling me I should be doing that three times a week, plus a race at least twice that and sprinting training.

It's doable, I'm sure, since people do actually do it, but it's daunting and I'm not loving the prospect of having to run indoors until the snow clears up. Bah. Perky exercise whore fail.

Still, I'm obliged to do it; I'm raising money for THT and I might even try to do a blog post or comic a day once I hit 100 days to go just to make my life even that little bit harder.

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call paul said...

The snow is crap. Streatham Pool closed a month ago and this week Clapham Pool does the same. I can now only swim if I can cycle to the pool and I am not stupid enough to cycle on ice! The snow is crap and I have another 6lbs to loose before Australia! Grrr.....