Thursday, February 04, 2010


Tum-ti-tum. I think I want to sell my car. It's really not doing anything other than eating money and stopping me from downloading the streetcar app for my iPhone, which is obviously the main reason to join that kind of a scheme.

I'm back at the physiotherapist's again tomorrow, got trouble with my hands again. Same kind of stuff. Not particularly amused by it. Same deal as before, my posture's slipped and so now I'm trying to correct it, my back and neck hurt. Hopefully they can kick it into shape tomorrow.

Still working through some of the stuff from the murder. Waiting to get the documents back from the police that should let me then access the court records. I'm slightly relieved to hear from my friend who was there at the time with me that her memory of it all is really quite hazy, too. I feel less like I'm not dealing with it as well as one should.

Speaking of that, went to the Psychiatrist on Monday to talk about therapy options. It's interesting how much the physical explanations that have come up in the last year or so have made a lot of sense of things we'd not been able to diagnose. It sounds like ADHD and my comedy migra-lepsy explains a fair bit of the mood stuff I've had for ages. Dealing with that's meaning I can now start to unpick all the mess from all the years of not knowing what was wrong. The analogy I made to Paul earlier was that my brain's a house where there's been a wiring fault so the lights go out a lot, but now that's fixed it means I can see how messy a house gets in the dark and it's time to do some moving around of the furniture, some redecorating and maybe a bit of chucking out.

What else... I've almost finished doing the digital colouring for the new dinosaur comic I'm getting printed up. I should be getting proofs through soon for a couple of short stories I've written, I'll keep you posted about those.

Um. Yeah, that's stuff I didn't plonk straight on facebook. Do carry on.

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