Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hand-Printed Letterpress Cards

I have made a limited edition of ten copies of this poem on water-colour paper, hand printed using a letter press. I love using the letter-press, the time spent type-setting and the slightly unpredictable results tat come out with each print. Also, once they type has been put away, you’ll never be able to make the same print again. There’s something quite beautiful about this process that is missing from digital printing, not to mention the lovely textures you can print on.

If you’d like one, I’m asking for five pounds for each print, it comes numbered and signed on the back and in a nice red envelope. As there’s only ten of them, I won’t put them onto the web shop in case they all go and people are disappointed, but email me directly on hhardiman at gmail dot com to get one and I’ll post it to you or I can give it to you in person. I’ll have them with me at the Alternative Press Fair on Saturday, so let me know if you want it then, it might make a nice Valentine’s day present for a lonely bedroom wall.

Nine left, one’s gone, get in touch if you’d like one or if you’d like to send a token of desperation to someone who likes typesetting and textures.

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