Monday, February 01, 2010

The Pope is Coming, Get Your Wallet Ready!

Executive Summary: Please join this petition to request that tax-payers are not asked to pay the £20,000,000 cost of the Pope's visit to Britain.

So, now that's the twittards dealt with in 140 characters or fewer, let's have a look at the Pope's visit. Now, he's praised Britain recently for our record on defending civil liberties, but has said that he's upset that we are going against natural law to try to prevent homophobia within employment for those in jobs indirectly related to religious duties.

I know it's nothing in comparison to banker bonuses (for the banks we own but seem to be able to expect no returns from other than a hamstrung welfare state, health service and higher education system), but that's still a fuck of a lot of people who will not be able to get out of poverty this year, or, you know, a lot of nurses or a lot of university lecturers. Or, you know, enough to clear a lot of undergraduate students' debts.

Hmm, sorry, I'm getting side-tracked a little there, but anyway.

For all that it's been quite comical to compare the new pope to Darth Sidious or point out that he was a member of the Hitler Youth, those things are slightly beside the point as far as I see it.

When members of the Westboro Baptist Church wanted to come here to talk about how God Hates Fags and so on, we prevented them from entering the country. Now, another person wants to enter the country and has stated explicitly that he intends to use his visit to criticise our liberal attitudes to homosexuality and has condemned Britain as going against "Natural Law." More than that, there's an expectation that we foot the bill for all of this.

I know I'm probably all namby-pamby art school at the moment, but I really think he needs to clarify his terms. I mean, is he saying that homosexuality is against natural law because natural law is the propagation of the species? Isn't that a rather narrow interpretation of Darwinism? To say homosexuality is against natural law is to say there's no evolutionary advantage to have non-reproductive members of a species.

Oh, hang on, no, that's not the natural law he means. What he means is the natural law that has nothing to do with human reproduction because laser beams from the sky gets nice virgins pregnant.

Either way. I don't want to pay for the privilege of having someone come to the country to attack me. That's not what I think the government's there for, so please sign and perhaps look at other ways of making sure there's other ways of saying that perhaps we're not so keen on having this guy come at our expense.

Thanks, zombies.

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Mike said...

If he's arriving as a state leader (of the Vatican) then he's arriving as the ruler of a "country" of a few hundred or thousand people. Hardly worth the effort for GBP20M surely.

If he's arriving as leader of a religion, then surely all leaders of all religions deserve equal effort (preferably none).

Given that the Vatican reps in Ireland weasel out of speaking for the church on child abuse issues on the grounds of diplomatic immunity, then I'm guessing that the Pope would want to arrive as a state leader so that he is protected from prosecution on these grounds.