Thursday, March 18, 2010

Advice Needed: Towards an Integrated Future

So much to think about at the moment, I probably should make use of the blog as a place to let some of it out, eh?

I've been doing the Immersion programme with the University of the Arts, it's a business skills course for creative graduates that's meant to make us all supremely employable or to get us to the point where we're ready to set up superb new companies and agencies and things like that. I'm really glad I'm doing it alongside my MA, because it's helping me focus really clearly on what I might want from my career after I've completed my course and it's giving me such a lot of information in hefty bursts about time management, how to describe the work you do, we've even got an acting coach coming out to help us improve our presentation skills.

There's been a lot of work on looking at how we should be valuing our skills and experiences a lot more highly than we do and I think, like a lot of creative people, I've fallen into a trap of subsidising a low income with a sense of love for what I do and I realise that by doing that I'm likely to burn out and end up resentful.

I love what I do, though, so the puzzle's just to find out how to make sure I'm not going to run myself into the ground.

One thing I could do with some help with, though, which I'm not quite sure how to do, is that I want to work out how to try to join up some of the web presences I have at the moment. I miss this blog horribly, but I want to try to get more people to go to see my web comics over on but I'm not quite sure if there's a way that the two things could be better joined up? This blog has history and a hilarious archive of shame and chaotic adventures on it, but that's got the name and the comics on it.

I'm the same person, though, so I'm not sure about how to do the whole thing of splitting up time spent ranting on here or posting drawings on there or tweeting or updating facebook or running a web-shop or whatever in a way that isn't quite so scattered.

Do any of you beautiful people in my coterie of zombies have any advice for me on this kind of thing? My grasp of technology gets about as far as holding a pen, which I do well, but I'm man enough to know I can't do everything, and web-fu is beyond me!

Anyone got any lovely ideas about how to stop me from feeling like there's too many different places to update so I can go back to loving blogging again?

(On a side-note, does anyone have an iPhone blogging app they can recommend that would work with blogger and possibly post update notifications to Facebook/Twitter?)

I love you all, but not the spambots.

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Mike said...

It's not for iPhone but if you are running a Windows PC then Windows Live Writer is a fantastic free blog editing tool that interfaces to Blogger and many other services. It also posts updates to Twitter if you choose.

I have my Facebook account set up to import my blog RSS as Notes.