Friday, March 26, 2010

Executive Decisions

I'm almost at the mid-point review at the (yeah, shocker) middle of the first stage of the MA I'm doing at the moment and it's interesting to be looking back over how much things have been changing for me since I started the course back in September.

It's funny how cyclical some learning experiences are, and I don't mean that I'm doing a course in Lycra shorts and a Day-Glo jacket, although I'm sure there's a certain appeal to that for some sectors of the readership of this blog (especially when most of the search terms you lot are using are things like "girl wanking dog", "life after meth" or you're looking to buy mephedrone, good luck with that, baby bio tweaking bestiality fans...).

No, what I mean is that when I applied for the MA, I was desperate to get away from interpreting and wanted to have nothing to do with that whole chapter of my life any more, wanted to stop being a blogger and wanted to make comics and wanted to really try to turn into a bit more of a businessman.

So, I've been doing loads of things to develop time-management skills and learning loads about business models and about saleable skills and things like that and been making loads of really intricate-looking notes in my sketchbook about how to project manage and how to calculate lead-times and how to work out your day rate and things like that.

Then, yesterday, in the Immersion programme, which is all about business skills for creative graduates, I sat there listening to a jewellery maker and a writer telling their stories and I just made a very important decision and started drawing all over the meticulous charts and notes I'd made because, you know what? They really don't matter nearly as much to me as cute little monsters and robots and sad-looking people with lonely faces.

I'm trying to work out how to merge this blog with the site at Cute But Sad Comics but there's so much I don't understand about how that kind of thing works, there's all sorts of strange voodoo involved in doing that. I think I'd like it to eventually be that all the posts and comics from there are on this blog, but tagged so they can be found easily, with a page for a portfolio type thing and an about me kind of thing there, too, but I'm thinking I want my life to be a bit simpler than having so many places where I update different things.

Funny, isn't it? I'm not moving away from where I was, but I'm so much happier with who I am.

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