Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So excited! The Thing, Berlin, The London Marathon...

So! This Saturday, we've got the UK Web Comix Thing. Despite my reservations about anything where they spell comics with an x, it's actually a really good fun event and I'm looking forward to it. It's inbetween Mile End and Stepney Green tube stations and runs from 10-5, so do swing by if you can!

I'd link but I'm blogging from an iPhone app that I've not worked out yet so links elude me for the moment, but it's easily found on the net!

I've got a new mini-fiction book, Full of Empty, as well as the dinosaur postcards I had done by Moo. They came out wonderfully, so I'm glad I bit the bullet and paid the extra to have them made that way. I'll post more about them once the Thing's out of the way.

I'm also in a bit of a panic now because it's almost marathon time! Four weeks to go until in theory I run twenty-six miles. I'm still apprehensive about whether or not I can do it in a way I'll be proud of, but I've trained so much more than I thought I could, so I'm proud of that if nothing else.

I've got the Finchley 20 this weekend, which is my big test, the longest prep run I'll have before the event, twenty miles of road race early on Sunday morning. I'm dreading it a bit, but I've got to do it! Then in a couple of weeks, the Kingston Breakfast Run which is 16 miles and then the big event. This really is it now. Can't be ill again now!

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