Saturday, March 27, 2010

UK Web Comix Thing write-up

Gosh! Look at how much more stuff I have to sell than I did this time last year or before then!

This year's Thing was a bit more relaxed than last year, not sure if it was just fewer visitors or just that I'm a bit more used to these events now or what but it all passed pretty painlessly this time.

I'm so very pleased that people picked up my short stories, Full of Empty and Still Here; that's been really gratifying for me. When I'm back from Berlin, I may have a pint-at-the-retro-bar type night for anyone else who wants those or any dinosaur postcards.

Once again, I'm reminded of how friendly and generous a crowd it is, and I'm moved by how kind people were when I'd been a fool and packed too heavy a bag for my sore arms and hurt myself carrying things to the hall. It really is a good set of people.

Now, I'm looking forward to Toronto and the MCM Expo in May, both of which sound epic. I hope to catch some of you there!

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