Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cardinal Doesn't Want To Force A Gag

Cardinal Bertone links pedophilia to homosexuality

"We don't want to force a gag..." said the Cardinal.

 I wonder if he's started using this NOT WORKSAFE site for his theological research if that's the kind of Freudian slip he's making when he's talking about childen?

Seriously, though, Cardinal, fuck right off. Call me a sinner if you must, and call all of my kind an abomination and an affront to your faith if you will, but don't you dare try to blame me for the abuse of children by members of your order and don't use that to deflect from the amount of energy spent protecting the people who carried out these crimes.

Maybe go and look up a few of your own ideals, like the idea of judge not lest ye be judged yourself or the really rather lovely notion of repentance?

As I understand it, if you wish to repent for your sins before God, you do not try to blame others for the harm you have caused or have allowed to happen. Instead you accept responsibility with humility and you acknowledge that man is weak and fallible, but repentance does not end with wearing your guilt as a millstone of pain and anguish but as a catalyst for positive change and should lead you to a point where you feel neither guilt nor shame because you have made amends, but to remain bound to worldly guilt is death. (2 Corinthians 7-10)

The way for the Catholic Church to work its way out of this, bluntly, is to practice what it should be teaching. I think there might well be things about the gay scene that might be lacking in Christian morality, but really, brother, pay attention to the log in your own eye before trying to pluck the speck from ours, because it's making you turn a blind eye to the systematic abuse of children and, honestly, I think that should be something you might want to make more of a priority than telling us that us being gay makes your priests fuck children and makes you lie to protect them over the children who they've abused.

Once you've got all that sorted, then perhaps we can properly get to war over what you lot think I'm doing wrong, but until then, no matter how unholy you say I am, you endorse the systematic sexual abuse of children which is, by international law, a crime against humanity, so really, get your own frail glass house in order before you start throwing stones at our glittering palace of vice.

That's all, princess Pope. That's all.

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