Monday, August 23, 2010

After having a nightmare weekend last weekend (um, as opposed to when, on Tuesday, Howard?) where I had awful pain stuff going on, I had to go to hospital for scans and things on Monday because there's a worry I might have had a little kidney stone or something going on. I'd thought it was that, so I've been drinking enough water to make Leah Betts impressed and it looks like the agony I was in over the weekend was us missing the boat with the Monday scans because, if you'll forgive the oversharing (but under-Cher-ing), I'd pissed it out as sand already. That was fun, let me tell you. So, my week started really well. I got to work at the Maritime Museum to find that loads of things I'd thought were really straightforward have turned out to be intensely complex, which wasn't what I wanted to discover when I was still feeling grit shifting around inside my back. That was nice. I think the being ill has knocked me a bit and it's put me behind on working on The Lengths a little, which is frustrating at a time when I want to have my head down and I want to be able to keep working to get it finished soon. That's pretty much all that my heart's telling me I should be doing at the moment, just working on creative stuff and I'm so happy to be able to say that the balance is shifting that way more and more; I just need to make sure I'm not blowtorching the candle at both ends. Of course, the end I want to be flamethrowering seems to be made of dynamite at the moment, which is pretty good - this week I got some very interesting emails about ways to distribute The Lengths, I've been invited to go to the AltComics Festival in Malmö in November and then the day I get back from that, I have to go straight up to Leeds for Thought Bubble where I've been asked to present a paper at their Academic Conference just before the festival itself. I was at the Comica event yesterday and as well as getting to hang out with some lovely people, I got to chat with the very nice Paul Gravett, who gave me some excellent tips for The Lengths, so I'm feeling good about where it's heading now. Saturday night was a performance at Duckie with Jay Hirst where we let people record bespoke news. That was fun, but the best surprise of the night was someone coming up to me and saying, "Didn't you used to have red hair and a spiky rubber bag?" We were at art school in Norwich at the same time! Amazing. Phew. I need a break!

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