Saturday, August 07, 2010

In the best tradition of people who work from home, I’ve been looking around the flat at how much clutter there is that I don’t need any more and wondering why I’m not streamlining my possessions a little bit. The big revelation was that by having a subscription to the amazing t-post for the last couple of years, I’ve accumulated  an extra 24 t-shirts on top of the ones I’d had already and the ones I’ve picked up during that time, taking the total to a draw-cramming and jaw-dropping total of about fifty t-shirts.
Time for a clear-out, I think.
Everywhere I look, there’s clutter. There’s a mountain of comics I don’t feel like I can throw away, even though I’ve not read them again (Runaways, Knights of the Old Republic, far too much Ultimate and X-title stuff, BPRD and early Buffy stuff) and lots of Trade paperbacks and I don’t quite know what they’re there for when someone else could be reading them.
Even the pen drawer is a bit too frightening to open, it’s a catalogue of all the phases I’ve been through with drawing where moments of anxiety about my ability to draw get eaten by a feeling that if I change pens, something magical will happen, but I always end up back with the same basics of technical pens and brush pens and confidence.
There’s a box of balls of yarn that it breaks my heart that if I try to knit it burns my arms with nerve pain, still, even after years of physiotherapy and having had a chunk of my elbow cut away to relieve the pain. I should just sell that.
I was in Muji yesterday, looking at one of those pens that writes in black, red or mechanical pencil and I just wished I’d lived my life like this, sticking to the philosophy I’d learned when I lived in the tiny flat where I set Badger’s tale where the most precious thing was space, so everything I owned had to be multi-purpose and I thought of all the clutter in my rucksack and now I’m looking at all the rubbish that I’ve spent money on that I could have used to print more comics to keep on shelves I’ve filled with clutter.
Yes, it means having a rucksack packed tight like a secret agent’s briefcase, but who wouldn’t want a lightweight, multi-function life like that?  Now I’m not in quite suck a crisis with money, I’d like to be able to buy things I know will last and will work well for longer.
I just need to work out how to let go of these things without it feeling like a waste, then I’m living by the maxim that fewer is more from here on in. Any suggestions for the best use of the stuff that’s cluttering up the flat?

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