Friday, September 24, 2010

Another week, another list of things that have made me smile. I’ve been staying with friends all week while I wait for the new flat to be ready for me to move in. I’ll be back in Brockley, where I started making comics, so that’ll be a good bit of nostalgia.

In the meantime, I’ve been living in different places with different friends and their pets; James and Simon with Velcro the Basset Hound, Paul and JaxXon the Labrador, Chris and his friend’s cats and on Ilmar’s houseboat on a pier in Chelsea where there’s some wonderful canines. Last night, I stayed with Craig and his flatmate’s Old English Sheepdog, Sam.

So, I’ve been seeing lots of London, lots of friends and lots of dogs. If I’d been doing this for an hour at a time for cash and sleeping with these friends rather than watching films and chatting, I could have called this a research trip for The Lengths.

Add to that, the mention the comic got in Time Out, Chris who helped with picking out clothes for the characters in The Lengths took a photo of it when I bumped into him on Old Compton Street (how fitting!):


I’m now down to the last couple of pages to draw and scan, then the comic’s off to the printer! There’s only 9 days left on the totaliser on the fundraising page and I’m thrilled to say we’re really close to the total, so I’m just supremely proud and flattered to have received all this support.


So, this week, I’ve got to finish the comic, move flat, hold down three jobs, get ready for my MA to restart in a couple of weeks and then next week I, um, start an astrophysics course, too.

Simple, eh?

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MadeInScotland said...

hey Howard, well done - I saw the nice words in this week's TimeOut