Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fifteen Years

Last night, Duckie held its fifteenth birthday party at the Royal Festival Hall and it was amazing. Strange to think it's a decade and a half since I first went along there, almost, with my sister, and both ran into people we knew there and had an amazing night dancing and giggling to ourselves.

Amazing to go now, at 34 and bump into friends, lovers and all sorts in between I have met through those fifteen years and to see the same sense of joy we'd all had when we'd first discovered Duckie individually across the years.

I've said it many times before, but that club, that set of beautiful people, Amy, Simon, Mark and Mark, Dickie and everyone, they helped to define me, to give me a sense of belonging in a scene that when they appeared was bereft of places to go if you liked boys and wanted to sing along to The Smiths rather than Kylie.

Of course, I love Kylie and pop, but there's something about those midnights of Stevie Wonder leaping into Depeche Mode into James that just make it.

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