Saturday, October 02, 2010

Back in Brockley!

So, after a year out in not-so-wild West London, I'm back in Brockley. The Conservation Area snob in me wants to protest a little bit and say I'm probably in the New Cross/Deptford/Brockley hinterlands being by St Johns and Goldsmiths, but hey, I'm going to just accept that if my postcode says SE4 and the confusing letters from the council say I'm in Brockley, then I'm probably sort of in Brockley and I'll take it as a bit of a win.

The move was nothing short of an adventure - having agreed to finish working on the kitchen and bathroom and repaint the flat before I got in, this wasn't finished and on the morning of the move, they hadn't yet sorted out the tenancy agreement, so I was left sat in the flat in Chiswick with a big pile of stuff and two friends on tea duty helping to keep me from properly losing my temper on the phone each time the agency called me to say they still hadn't been able to sort out whether or not I had somewhere to live that night.

The call to say the move was going ahead came at five, which meant a frantic race across London to sign a Tenancy Agreement that I think has errors in it and to pick up the keys and then to beg other friends to help in a last-minute dash to get some stuff across.

Luckily, I have very awesome friends indeed and by ten, we were once again sat amidst a pile of boxes, this time in the new flat, which they've christened (on FourSquare of all things) as the Sky Citadel, laughing at the fridge that contained two bottles of wine and one block of butter (you can tell it's a gay man's flat...) and testing out the pizza setting on the oven.

So, um, apart from not being able to sort out any of the things you're meant to do when you move, I'm moved in, kinda, and James is hiring a van next weekend to help pick up my desk and shelves and then my Brockley rebirth is complete!


MadeInScotland said...

Hopefully happiness will follow u - ok?

Might u ever draw me?


knit nurse said...

Welcome back!!!! Don't suppose the new place has got a garden...?!

The Pirate King said...

KN: I have a balcony! I reckon there's probably room for a little bit of growing some stuff up here if we were clever about it! I'm certainly game for having a chat about what might be possible here, especially if there might be vegetable-growing options! Cooking for one seems to be really wasteful when you buy stuff from the shops, so much food goes to waste.

MiS: I reckon so! Give me a little time to settle in, though, it's taken me aback more than I'd expected it to, so I'm having to be gentler with myself than I'd hoped at the moment, but I suppose that's normal after quite so many big changes.