Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time Off When You Work For Yourself

I'm realising that there's not really much meaning in the idea of time off when you're enjoying what you do. I went out to Sweden a couple of weeks ago to visit my friends and to talk about art and possible things I could do for people out there and found myself realising that I'm becoming more and more focused on work. Even out on the sauna, where there's just you - just skin and sky and sea and steam, I'm finding myself getting caught up in thoughts about how people's gait and stance conveys things about their character when you've got nothing else to go on. It's a remarkable place for people watching; when you've got no clothes to judge people by, you're not sure if the person you're sat next to is a dustman or a politician. I've spoken to both when I've been out there before. This time, I didn't speak to anyone, just spent hours watching the light on the sea and the rare chance to be away and be quiet and still and to not have anything to do but to think.

While there, I wrote scripts for The Lengths, then thumbnailed out page layouts for a couple of issues, little inch-high glyphs that won't make sense to anyone else. I wrote a script for the project I'm working on with Julia Scheele and finalised character notes and sent a load of information over to the guy who's helping me with marketing, did some drawing, then suddenly remembered I was meant to be taking a break.

Still, whatever works, eh?

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