Friday, April 29, 2011

What's Coming Up?

And, for once, I'm not talking about staggering back with my head lashing back like an angler's rod with a catch from a line of coke, trying to snatch up every last grain of stupid I can before I have to eventually exhale. That's just laden with disappointment these days, anyway.

The main thing at the moment is, of course, working like a madman on The Lengths. I've got a friend helping me with marketing for it at the moment, so the website should get snazzed up a little bit soon, as should the shop and hopefully I'll be able to just focus on getting the thing made. I'm about halfway into the drawing of issue three now, but with publication being the thing it is, issue two won't be in shops until July, which is a painfully slow process and one I hope will make it seem a little more worthwhile. It's so odd, working this hard at a project like this when the financial rewards are pretty much entirely negated by the costs involved, so it's very much a labour of love and one which, as the saying goes, wouldn't exist without the support of readers and retailers, so if you've not ordered a copy of issue one yet, I suggest you get onto it now.

I'm going to Toronto next Friday to TCAF to promote The Lengths and to go and see the awesome things that comics people are up to over there. Last year was so inspirational; if anything I'm more nervous about going this time than I was last year because I know what to expect! It's a bit of a rush (head back, keep inhaling!) visit because it's quite an expensive jaunt and I'm in a different financial position to last year, when living with Jonathan meant that spending a bit longer out there was a bit more of a feasible option, but oh my goodness, I'm so excited that I think that alone makes it worth it.

I've also been doing some animal drawings as my warm-up and cool-down sketches lately that I'm pretty happy with. I might collect them together in some little book or something like that; not entirely sure yet.  Imagine some appropriate music while you scroll through this bit, maybe tell me what song you're thinking of?

There's also a camel and a tapir that I didn't take photos of after taking that photo of my sock and remembering all the early internet moments where people (I assume men) would take a photo of something on their desk and there'd be accidental penis in the photo. I'm not naked in my studio, but I kind of got distracted by laughing at old internet memes and forgot to take pictures of pictures.

Incidentally, I took a couple of useless photos around the studio space I work in. No accidental penis, I hope. 

Oops. Accidental cake-shot. I'm getting a bit of a bad reputation at the studio for taking in lots of cakes. It's my secret plan to keep all those talented people working by giving them so much cake that they don't ever want to leave their work spaces. My desk's so much messier than that at the moment.

What else is going on? Well, I'm working on a not very top secret project with Julia Scheele, which I'm writing and she's drawing and it's a super-hero comic, but set in 1906 and all the central cast are abandoned or orphaned disabled teenage girls. Needless to say, it's quite an adventure they're setting out on, and probably one of the most overtly political things I've written, but - weirdly - we're trying to make sure it stays suitable for most ages. There'll be Suffragette violence, intrigue, inventions, scuffed knees, clumsy crushes, massive explosions and slightly ridiculous hats. Julia and I will write about it in a bit more depth soon, but Cazz has been helping on the design and development of the project, too, and I'm really pleased with how it's all looking.

So, yeah, I'm busy as a bee in a field of fresh flowers full of crystal meth. I've still got an MA to finish off, still doing part time work as well as all this to make sure I get some variety (ha!).

Um, yes, so that's what I'm up to, along with hanging out at the pub in New Cross, ignoring health woes and walking dogs with a handsome man in Brighton, but that's not really what you want to know the details of, is it?

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