Monday, May 16, 2011

Stop Doing This To Yourself

   "I give you ideas in abundance."

It was a curse that Morpheus levied on a man who stole a muse and locked her in his loft so that she would further his career. It was a kinky setup, but I'm sure that if he'd just been a little nicer then they could have had a wonderful Tie Me Up thing going on, but sadly it was a bit grubbier than that and Morpheus had to come and get her out of there.

The never ending flow of ideas led the man insane, writing words on his walls with just the bloody nubs of his fingers as a stream of drivel fell out of his mind, ablaze with a fevered genius he couldn't temper; couldn't slow down.

Luckily, I think that if I've got some nubile girl wandering around in my flat somewhere wearing my old shirt, it'd fit her a lot better than she managed to fit into his skanky moob muu-muu, so all I hear of her is the occasional skitter of a squirrel on the roof (I assume she doesn't like my cooking) and when my passport goes missing (which I suppose I should take as a sign that she's quite fond of me).

I have days, though, where that buzz of ideas definitely leaves my fingers a little bloodied, but that's when the taste of it is like nothing else and you just hunger for more. It's good to have people around to tell you when to stop, when to look away, when to go and walk and when to eat.

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