Thursday, June 02, 2011

MCM Expo, The Lengths and More

Well, there's a lot of stuff to catch up on at the moment! I had an utterly amazing time at the MCM Expo, of course. You know it was awesome because I was there. Duh, it's a no brainer, really. Add to that the sneaky preview that I brought along some copies of issue 2 of The Lengths and that there were some amazing people like Lizz Lunney, Becky Cloonan, Timothy Winchester, Marc Ellerby and blah blah namedrop namedrop I'm such a celebrity I was drinking whiskey with... oh yeah, that's just insane. I'll stop. Suffice to say, the stupid cavalcade of what the actual fuck aside, it was actually incredibly humbling to be feeling like I actually belong at that place and that there were people who made a point of coming over to find my work and to talk to me about my comics and the characters in them in a way that made it seem that Eddie, Dan and the others are as real to them as they always have been to me.

That, to me, totally outranks any pissing contest of which big name comics person I got to talk to, in the end. The person who looked to my friend Sarah and said "I'm actually quite nervous" before pouring telling me about how much the comics I have been making have meant to her was a timely and humbling reminder of why I want to tell these stories in the first place, rather than getting caught up in how busy the day was with selling. It's what those sales mean that matters. Of course, the fact I can now pay off some of the printing costs isn't something I'm turning my nose up at at all, either.

All the busy in the actual show meant I didn't have much time to shop for comics of my own, sadly - I pretty much only managed to pick up Becky Cloonan's Wolves, Kate Brown's Fish + Chocolate (which possibly needed a trigger warning about how sad one of the stories in it is - oof!), the newest book from Tpcat and Tom McNally and the amazing Giant Days book. I think there were other things, but it's only been a few days. You don't expect me to have unpacked yet?

I got interviewed for a couple of comics podcasts, but I'll let you know when they're up. Mainly though, it was the usual mad cavalcade of cosplay and chaos interspersed with beautiful moments of friendship, art and tenderness that make the whole scene great.

But enough of sticking my entire arm down my throat to make myself vomit all over you! Here's a picture of Sarah, reading Issue 2 of The Lengths.

It'll be coming out in shops, like real actual real shops in the beginning of July. Insane. I will be updating the online shop to make it so you can order yours so you can get it on the day of release. In the meantime, if you've not got issue 1 or the ace poster, you kind of need to get your fucking act together and sort that out. Forbidden Planet says so. Issue 1 is in shops already. Isn't that mad? Shops! Actual places you can go into and talk to people about what things you might like? Mad!

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