Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pride Sketches

I know there's some people who reckon there's all sorts of very important reasons to invest in some very expensive drawing tools and I know that I've been drawn into that kind of thinking at points, too, what with owning a Wacom and a copy of Manga Studio Pro for drawing, but I think I'm kicking back against that a little at the moment.

Maybe it's because of how detailed I'm making the work on The Lengths for issues 3 and 4, knowing that the style will shift again for 5 and 6 when it gets a bit weird (weirder) but right now, I'm kind of loving the thing of taking a £2.50 pad from Paperchase around with me and a set of pencils (2H-2B) from WH Smiths that cost the princely sum of £2 and a pencil sharpener that cost about the same.

 Okay, so I could probably have gone even cheaper, but I was in a panic at Victoria station on my way to install an exhibition at Red Gate Gallery because the person who was meant to do it was sick and their computer is in German and no-one else knew how to get anything to work, so naturally, I went along to get everything done, having previously only really planned to head along to help my friend set up for the private view. I didn't know that I knew what "clean print heads was in German", so even though it was stressful, I'm feeling pretty good about myself.

Student, overheating on Victoria Line at 2pm.
Old Compton Street, 21:45 Friday

Old Compton Street, 21:50, Friday
Costa Coffee, Old Compton Street 12:50 Saturday
Awesome Hoodie with Attached Jumper
Old Compton Street, 21:55 Friday
Dancing Women of Infidel
Pole Dancers, Northern Line 01:10 Saturday
Infidel DJ Booth (I was being jostled, so this was quick)
Superpolicewoman with Pride Cape
Infidel Dancing Boys
Photography is so passé
You're so right.
So tired, lads, I can't be arsed drawing you.
It's combat vest and suit jacket time!
Why aren't we together now, Jonathan?
Fucking storming raver.
I got caught.
All the lines. Working.

Rainbow pants, rainbow shirt, tesco bag. Awesome.

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