Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Lengths 3: Ford Closes A Deal

Ford closes a deal. (Click for full-size image) 

I'm just finishing issue 3 of The Lengths, ready for it to go to the printers. I thought I'd share this one page from it with you where Eddie, in his alter-ego as escort Ford, shows his assertive side and makes a sale. Yes, there's a slight dig back at Chester Brown's Paying for It, where he, as a John, barters with sex workers, I'll admit that now, and yes, I have turned gay saunas into a Pac-Man game where you're chasing ghosts around in circles. I think I've just ruined any chance of them ever seeming sexy again - I'll just hear endless sound effects now.

Anyway, you can pick up issues one and two of The Lengths from my web shop, then issue 3 comes out at the beginning of September when my MA show goes up at Camberwell. Issue 4 will be out at the start of December. I think I might just need a party for that, don't you?

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