Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Lengths Issue 2 is out now.

I'm very proud to be letting you know that issue 2 of my comic, The Lengths is out in all good comics shops around the UK this week as well as being available through my web shop.

If you're not aware, it's a comic based around a series of interviews I did with male escorts working in London a few years ago and tells the story of Eddie, one young escort (working under the name of Ford), who's struggling with trying to do the job while craving both the adventure it offers him and the prospect of a relationship with an old friend from the art school course he ran away from when he was seduced by a muscular stranger in the showers at his gym.

As much as it's a comic about a handsome, troubled, promiscuous drug-using gay prostitute who struggles to come to terms with his identity, it's not actually an autobiographical story, but I do recognise that there's a lot of myself in there and this project is very much a labour of love and I'd very much like for as many people as possible to be sharing in that. Oh, I suppose that's the promiscuity showing itself there again, perhaps. Seriously, though, this is a project that's been years in the making and is something I very much believe in. This is the second issue of eight and I'd love to have your support through the duration.

Pick up a copy of the comic at your local comic shop (they can re-order it and issue one if they've run out - most places sold out of issue one), buy it direct from the web shop if you can't get to a shop, come along to see me at the Birmingham Zine Festival this Saturday or at New Cross Turn Left on the 24th of July, too.

What would also really help is that I'm doing this pretty much alone, so I don't have a big marketing machine behind me on this like a bigger publisher would have, so it's amazing that I've been able to get a distribution deal, but it means I've got to try to do the jobs of a whole company. I have some help, but getting the word out about the comic is really important, so if you can blog about it, point any journalists you know my way, tweet your thoughts, review it on facebook, +1 it on google, start a thread about it on discussion forum sites you're a member of... all of that kind of thing would be incredibly useful. People are getting to hear about the comic and it's humbling and so deeply moving when I meet strangers who know the characters I've created as though they were their own friends, but the survival of the title relies on people getting to hear about it, and while I'm a very small player trying to get a comic out where my competitors are film companies churning out 52 titles at a time, it's really useful if you could help out however you can.

Anyway, that aside, I need to get back to the studio to finish issue three, in which both the raunchiness and the wanting to take Eddie to one side and seriously have words with him reach new levels. It's the issue where we see him meeting Nelson for the first time.

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