Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The New Cross Code

While we were organising New Cross Turn Left, Ellen and I kept hitting these little amusing blips of panic, where we'd go from being excited lion cubs into being scattered little mice. (Ooh, mice! Cute!)

When we got emails from people saying, "Oh, I didn't realise..." or  "How do I get there?" or when we realised we'd (well, I'd) not left enough time to do important tasks, we fell back on these three lines of defence against fuckwittage, stress and general meepage, whether it came from within or without.

If we were getting even the slightest bit stressed, or people were getting stressed out at us, or even in our vicinity, the New Cross Code came into play.

1: Chill the actual fuck out.
2: It's a party, remember?
3: Bitch, please. Did you not get the first two?

I think we've accidentally stumbled on some very useful rules to live by.

Bitch please. It's a party, remember? Chill the actual fuck out.

And yes, the swearing is important. This is New Cross. These things are an important part of our cultural heritage. We're both from very posh suburban households, so when we do a "bitch, please" face, it's with the subtlest narrowing of the eyes, the pursing of the lips and the most fantastic hair you could imagine.

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