Monday, August 15, 2011

The Lengths 3

I've just received Issue 3 of The Lengths back from the printers and I'm really, really pleased with how it looks. I'm once again happy that I went with a printer who took the time to make sure I got it done by a litho process and that it was made with eco and ethical credentials I'd be comfortable with. It looks and smells great and I'm proud for taking the time I took with it.

I'll have it at my MA show and at the Laydeez Do Comics talk I'm giving next Monday and there'll also be an open studios event as a part of Deptford X that I'm taking part in that I'll put details up for when I have them, but it'll be in shops at the beginning of September and you can put an order in through my shop now and you'll get it by then as well.

Until the end of August, there's a sale on in the web shop; if you use the code ILOVELONDON you'll get a 15% discount off your purchases, too.

Dog whores love London. I love London. Who doesn't?

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