Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Raw, powerful and very real" Forbidden Planet on The Lengths

The second issue of Hardiman’s The Lengths continues his dark and emotional story of one man’s descent into a shadowy world of sex and drugs. It couldn’t be further from his adorable, all-ages Badger, but it’s proving to be a challenging and powerful series.
Forbidden Planet International
It's funny; in my mind I don't actually see Badger and The Lengths as being that different, with both stories dealing with urban isolation, depression and survival and with Badger having a not-so-all-ages stabbing sequence in it that leaves him sleeping rough in an alleyway among a heap of bin bags after chasing off a failed mugging attempt, but I take his point that The Lengths is much more up front about the territory it inhabits.

Nevertheless, I think he says some very encouraging things in the review, what do you think?

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